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Traffic Noise and Speeding in Wendover
Friday 10 November 2017

The Wendover Society has written to the Chairman of Wendover Parish Council (WPC) raising concerns over traffic noise and speeding in Wendover and has identifed several possibilities for action by WPC.

The full text of the letter sent to WPC can be read by clicking here.


There is growing concern in Wendover over speeding in general, noise from the by pass, and ‘boy racers’ on motor bikes without silencers using the bypass and Aylesbury Road as a race track. There have been three letters on the subject in the Wendover News. So far, complaints have met with no response from the police, except for the sending of a form to report Anti-Social Behaviour which requires evidence difficult for a member of the public to collect.

These issues have been brought to the attention of The Wendover Society, and we are sure that this is not the first time The Parish Council has been approached on the matter. We think the issues are known to the County Council and the Police but so far no solution has been forthcoming.

The Wendover Society has identified the following possibilities for action by WPC and would support WPC in their work:

  • lobby for speed reduction measures, in particular a speed limit of 50mph on the bypass
  • organise community action e.g. use of hand held speed cameras to establish evidence for need to reduce speed as in Whittlebury village, Bucks
  • request speed sensors at entry points reminding drivers to slow down. There are four at present. Where? Who paid and how much?
  • campaign for other speed reducing measures such as road narrowing, speedbumps, rumble strips, chicanes
  • persuade BCC to accept the HS2 offer, if it still stands, of funding for noise reduction and use the sum to install a noise reducing two-layer asphalt    surface on the bypass ( it would cover the coat of installation and thirty years maintenance)
  • apply to HS2 for noise reduction measures on the London Road between Church Lane and the bypass roundabout