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The Wendover society - Vice Chairman's Report January 2019
Tuesday 22 January 2019

2018 has been a very busy year for the Wendover Society.  Sadly, our Chairman John Mayhead resigned from the Committee early in the year.  No one came forward to act as Chairman so the Society has been operating without a leader for much of the year.  The Committeehas tried very hard to attract a new Chairman and some additional members to the Committee but without success.  This is despite extensive advertising of our difficulties.

I will be standing down at this AGM having served four years on the Committee (I originally committed to three but agreed to continue for a further year to provide some continuity).  Due to work and other commitments Forouz Saunders our Social Secretary will also be standing down.  This will leave only four Committee Members and it will be difficult if not impossible for the Society to continue to function with only this number. 

This year we have carried out the following work

  • Monitored Planning Applications submitted to Aylesbury Vale District Council and where appropriate made representations about them.  I would like to thank Jenny Senior for all the work she has done on this
  • Continued to seek new members of the Society.  It is important that people new to Wendover and younger people get involved as they will be the people living in Wendover in the future
  • Attended meetings made representations about the proposed closure of RAF Halton.  Although this is not in Wendover, what happens there will inevitably impact on Wendover itself.
  • Made strong representations against the proposed viaduct design
  • Supported the Parish Council on their continued quest for a mined tunnel for HS2
  • Attended meetings and expressed the Committees view about HS2 noise mitigation for Wendover
  • Maintained our website.  I would like to thank John Bryson for this and for keeping our membership records up to date
  • Run Social Events including the Jazz Picnic, the Harvest Supper, The AGM and four Coffee Mornings with speakers.  Forouz Saunders has been our Social Events Secretary and I would like to thank her for all the work she has done to make these events such a success.
  • Kept a watching brief on the Parish Council’s proposed Neighbourhood Plan and Aylesbury Vale District Councils proposed plan
  • Maintained the Purssell Path
  • Complied with all the Charity Commission requirements
  • Produced two Newsletters.  Sandy Smith, a former Committee Member has continued to edit these and I would like to thank her for continuing in this role and producing such excellent and informative documents

This is an enormous amount of work for such a small number of people and I would like to thank all members of the Committee, Sandy Smith and our President Emeritus Dr Colin Riley for everything they have done in the past year

Jane Campion

Vice Chairman – January 2019