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The Wendover Society - Chairman's Letter March 2018
Sunday 04 March 2018

Dear members,

Just a quick update for those of you unable to make the AGM last Friday.

Colin Riley had indicated to me that he wished to stand down as our President. The Committee felt that to lose one of the founders of the Society was unwise and we proposed at the AGM that Colin be appointed as our President Emeritus, he was delighted to accept our request and the thunderous applause at the AGM signified the agreement of all those present. Colin has been involved with the Society for over 50 years and we value his association with us and look forward to it continuing into the future.

At the AGM Martin Thomas stood down from the committee and he has our heartfelt thanks for the enormous amount of work he has done in the past year.

The meeting elected the following new members of the Committee – Anne Wales, Farouz Saunders and Jeff Addison. We look forward to their contribution to the work of the Society.

At the AGM I updated everyone on some of the current issues we are involved with:

We have been invited to a further meeting to discuss the Halton Masterplan at the end of March.

The developer who had the application to build 170 houses off Halton Lane refused has applied to have this decision reviewed.

We have heard that the Chiltern Way Academy on Church Lane is considering expanding onto conservation area land on the opposite side of the road.

There is a planning application lodged to create a storage and distribution depot at the end of Hale road. This has met with much opposition. You can see the details at

If you wish to comment the closing date has been extended to the end of March

We have had a meeting in the past week with BucksCC about a plan they are developing together with our Parish Council to put a noise barrier along 1.9km (over a mile in length) of the by-pass. This meeting was co-ordinated by Steve Bowles our County Councillor. For the majority of this length the barrier would be a wooden fence 13 foot high. Having had the meeting we have been asked to submit any questions we have about the plan and we will be doing this as there are aspects we are concerned about.

We will be issuing a full update on the above as the situation unfolds in the near future. 


John Mayhead CBE