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01 September 2017The Origins of the Wendover Society

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The Origins of the Wendover Society

Friday 01 September 2017

The Origins of the Wendover Society
Dr. Colin Riley

It was in 1965, soon after we moved to the Red House, after the retirement of Dr Orme, that we were surprised to see Rural District lorries draw up outside the house ready to cut down the trees on the grass verge outside our house, in order, they said, to create a new parking area along the road by removing all the trees and the grass.

After much discussion and a great deal of help from influential friends, we were able to persuade the foreman that he could not cut down trees belonging to the Lord of the Manor without his permission, as the land was a part of Manor waste.

As a result of our success, it was decided to consider the formation of a local society to ensure the protection of the beauty and character of Wendover

After forming a steering committee of interested parties, a public meeting was held on the 21st of October 1965 at the memorial hall. At this meeting Mr D'Arcy Biss explained the objects of such a society and was duly elected Chairman with a committee comprising himself, Mr A E Mogford as Vice Chairman, Mr W G Dunnett, Mr W Grimmett, Mrs J M Harvie, Mrs M Partridge, Dr C Riley, Colonel Tetley, Mr C Woodward and Mr P Grove as Honorary Secretary

The Society was christened "The Wendover Society"  with the principal aim of  protecting  the charm and scale of Wendover. 

Committee meetings were about street cleaning, maintenance of foot paths and their condition and support for the new annual Wendover Carnival, which was to be held to raise funds to build a swimming pool behind the John Colet School for the use of both the schools and the village. I well remember our dismay as each year the income from the carnival only just matched the continual rise in the cost of construction and great credit is due to the efforts made that the pool ever became a reality.

In 1967 a sub-committee was formed to further "the progress of the Wendover by-pass" and the first petition to provide a by-pass was sent to the then Minister of Transport

The sum of £5 was donated for the provision of a Christmas tree to stand in Manor waste each year that would give a focus to the Carol Concert

Over the years the Society has become increasingly involved in more serious planning issues with considerable success.

In spite of the perennial problems of car parking, footpaths and litter etc. much has been achieved by the Society over the last forty years and it is to be congratulated in the contribution it has made to the appearance and amenities of the village.

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